About Flora Nativa PR

At first glance, Flora Nativa PR refers to Puerto Rico’s native and endemic plants that we so much take for granted. But those of us not living in PR need also pay more attention to our beautiful local landscapes and realize how much we are missing. This is not only limited to the plant world. In the same way we ignore the value of our plants, we also take for granted the value of the people around us, devaluing ourselves. In order to feel valuable again, we need to spend time together and alone knowing ourselves and those around us.

Cultivating native and edible landscapes might be a great tool to recognize each others’ value as human beings since people from all backgrounds and grounding have much to learn and contribute to plant cultivation.  Its a type of symbiotic relationship that cannot be explained ultimately accurately with words. We should simply experience with our hearts how rich it feels to cultivate soil while realizing our local flora and force’s worth.

The use of the term ‘glocal’ in this essay refers to a deeper meaning of our sense of worth. Local flora, fauna and human endeavors are not only relevant for the geographically adjacent communities but add an intrinsic value to global contributions whether they be natural, social, economic, intellectual… any type of collaboration which encompasses being a person. In other words, all kinds of interactions people are involved in, since we cannot avoid being a person as we interact with each other.

That is the backbone sustaining the slogan ‘Keep growing with plants’ referring to plants and people growing together. This space has the ambitious task of providing a platform for these principles. I am passionate about materializing garden projects in a conscious manner providing participants knowledge and tools to be equipped for their garden work. ‘Tu Huerto Coach’ section in this webpage is dedicated to this end.

We are called to be mindful of the way we use our resources and for this I deliver an organized activism section called ‘Earth’s Groans’. Here we can respond tangibly to nature’s cries in order to respect her processes and synchronize our efforts with hers.

In a similar way nature’s call requires our entire lifestyle to align with her productive capacity which is more than vast to supply our full lives, not our greed. For this matter I made ‘Mindful Culture’ in which I suggest alternative lifestyles from the hyper-consumerism promoted in our suicide society. Let’s exalt our essence over outward appearance! 

Focusing my efforts, here I provide my mission:

  • To facilitate gardening spaces that stimulate our hearts’ fibers to feel hope again.
  • To create gardens and wildlife spaces, taking advantage to edify one another.
  • To contribute a synergy of glocal force which supports and constructs itself organically through cooperative relationships.

And here a selection of links to some of the resources that inform and enrich my practice:

Tu Huerto Coach:

Earth’s Groans:

  • A grassroots environmental organization that makes great glocal impact, Sierra Club.
  • This environmental organization has a focus on recognizing people’s worth as well restoring their relationship to their surroundings, A Rocha.
  • A poverty relief organization I really trust (they use less than 10% on running costs), Tearfund.

Mindful Culture:


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